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Our constructions are entirely made of flat sheets and pipes of polyethylene (HDPE) filled with 20 kg/m³ expanded polystyrene. The materials we use do not wear away in sea environment, their combination makes the boats virtually unsinkable while special attention has been paid to the points of the structure that receives large shock loads. We have added hot-dip galvanized metal parts only where achieving low maintenance costs is necessary.

The deck is made of impregnated timber and all the equipment placed in deck is well organized to provide more space for working operations.

All the navigation and control systems are inside the cabin with the engine room below, which is tightly shielded and waterproof.

The barge moves by a marine engine and hydraulic rudder propellers with power from 40HP to 220HP. The hydraulic propellers are manufactured entirely by our company.

Every boat is equipped with crane capable of transferring 6 tnm to 24 tnm. The crane base is made of hot-dip galvanized metal sheets of 12mm thickness.

We are capable of manufacturing barges in various sizes and with extra equipment depending on client demand and on barge’s payload.

In barges with bigger size, we can place the marine engines inboard and use inboard axial propulsion systems creating a plastic barge with even more capabilities.

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