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GESIKAT ltd was founded in 1985 and is located in Levadia city of Viotia, in Greece. Its main activity was the production of metallic constructions.

In 1988 we made the first attempt of producing metallic fish cages. Due to the education and the experience of the administrator in the field of naval architecture, we soon managed to fully respond to the requirements of the market.

Constantly keeping up with the needs of fish farming, our company since 1994 expanded its activities in constructing fish cages and other products using polyethylene, a material with great durability, indestructible in marine conditions and friendly to the environment. Since 2002 we create all of our products by polyethylene in our facilities, bringing in the rotation molding process as an additional activity, ensuring a more efficient and thorough quality control both in the raw materials and the final product.

Due to the adaptability of polyethylene in the marine environment, we soon proceeded in manufacturing other floating constructions required in fish farming. Initially, we made mixed constructions (plastic floats combined with metal parts) and subsequently almost entirely made by polyethylene. We construct floating work walkways, platforms, work barges and boats in various sizes and for various tasks.

Making good use of our experience in the latter field, we also worked on constructions addressed for several other marine activities by making floating docks and piers, marine systems, platforms for water sports and any other touristic use.

At the same time, we organized a machine shop with highly accurate equipment and specialized employees where we construct on our own motion systems (propellers with hydraulic function), feeding systems and especial construction after client’s request.

Today, we can say with confidence that we fully respond to the market’s needs with constructions that answer both the fish farming needs and other marine activities. Our company’s credibility, its quality of work and products combined with competitive costs has appointed GESIKAT both in the Greek market and abroad. As a result, we now export our products in countries like Cyprus, Albania, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emirates and Mexico.


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