Our constructions are entirely made of flat sheets and pipes of polyethylene (HDPE) filled with 20 kg/m³ expanded polystyrene. The materials we use do not wear away in sea environment, their combination makes the boats virtually unsinkable while special attention has been paid to the points of the structure that receives large shock loads. We have added hot-dip galvanized metal parts only where is necessary achieving low maintenance costs.

The deck is made of impregnated timber or of slip-resistant aluminum.

The movement is given by outboard engine or by petrol engine and hydraulic rudder propellers, entirely made by our company.

Is capable of transferring 50 KNm to 200 KNm weight. For the feeding process, it can be equipped with feeding cannons and silos.

We are capable of manufacturing this type of boat in various dimensions depending on client requirements and on the payload of the boat.

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