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We manufacture food supply systems, pneumatic functioned. The whole system is made of stainless steel and it has wheels for easier carriage. The rate of food transfer can be altered by changing the modulating speed of the engine combined with a manually adjustable food quantity controller in the outlet of the food silo.


The system operates by 10HP engine. The rate of food transfer is 5kg/min to 70 kg/min and its capacity is 75 lt.


If necessary for the farm, our company can manufacture systems with bigger silos made by polyethylene or stainless steel, providing more food capacity.


A pneumatic functioned feeding system with high-pressure blower, combined with spreader. This system is suitable for feeding over long distances and can be installed either on land or on a fixed platform at sea. 

It includes silos made by polyethylene or stainless steel whose capacity and number varies depending on the fish farm standards. The blower operates with a 40 HP petrol engine or electrically. The maximum food transfer rate is 100 kg/min.


The system can be operated manually by a simple electronic control panel (PLC) or automated. In the second case, a software/hardware is used for programming and controlling the speed and the quantity of feeding. The data recording and storage can be easily done while the operator has direct intervention and modification of the program for each container and fish cage individually.

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