At GESIKAT, have already been in the aquaculture field for 30 years, we have fully developed the way we manufacture fish cages and aquaculture equipment, to a point that we can provide excellence both to the construction and to their performance.

We manufacture cages in various sizes and shapes. Circular cages entirely of polyethylene (HDPE) while rectangular cages can be manufactured both by plastic and by metal parts combined with HDPE floats. They can be adapted according to the specific site conditions and the client’s needs.

Our company can also take care of planning the fish unit, the mooring system and assembling a team of experts to install both of them on site.



For each fish cage, we use the best suited brackets which we produce ourselves. On them we place metal hooks made by stainless steel for the fish nets and elastomeric seals to avoid any topical deformation.

The main pipes of the structure are filled with expanded polystyrene of 20kg/m³, method that contributes in cage buoyance while making a virtually unsinkable construction.


We manufacture circular cages by HDPE pipes from 40m up to 120m circumference.

Cages up to 60m circumference are made of 250 mm pipes while for larger cages, 60m to 120m, we use 315mm pipes. For the gunwale and the other lower parts of the cage we use 110mm pipes providing more stability, durability and work safety.



We manufacture square cages from 5x5 up to 15x15 circumference and orthogonal cages of 6x12 and 7x15 circumference.

We can use HDPE 250mm or 315mm pipes depending on client requirements and the specific conditions of the area the fish cage will be installed. Pipes of 110mm diameter are used not only for better stability and durability but also for the installation, if necessary, of the wooden walkway made of impregnated timber, creating a comfortable workplace.



We manufacture square metal cages from 5x5 up to 15x15 perimeter and orthogonal metal cages, 6x12 and 7x15 perimeter.

We use hot dip galvanized steel for the main structure and walkways while the buoyance is given by HDPE floats, which we produce ourselves, filled with expanded polystyrene of 20kg/m³. Joints are made by stainless steel bolts and we use elastomeric seals for greater durability.


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