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The design and its unlimited applications is what make floating docks AquaPlast to really stand out. A reliable solution, tested in the most difficult marine conditions.


The floating dock AquaPast is made of high density polyethylene pipes welded together to form a single structure with great elasticity, durability and strength. Capable to stand up against great wave loads, it can be anchored in the coast or in the open sea. The basic pipes of the construction act as floats and they are filled with 20 kg/m³ of expanded polystyrene making a virtually unsinkable floating system.

The materials we use are environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and resistant to corrosion under marine conditions.

The deck is made of exotic timber boards, fixed with stainless steel bolts and screws.

The lateral framework is made of anodized aluminium where we place the elastomeric fender and fix all accessories.

All parts of the anchorage systems are made of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized and can easily be removed and replaced in case of damage.

In the lateral pipes, we place the water and fuel supply and the power cables.

  1. HDPE pipes of 710 mm diameter filled with expanded polystyrene

  2. HDPE pipes of 250 mm diameter where the metal parts of the anchorage system are placed.

  3. HDPE pipes of 250 mm diameter

  4. Elastomeric fender

  5. Anodized aluminium lateral framework

  6. Deck made of exotic timber board

  7. HDPE pipes of 110 mm diameter

  8. Marine cleats.

The standard width of the floating dock is 2.5 m while its length can change according to customer’s requirements. 

The floating docks Aquaplast with 12 m, 24 m, 36 m, 48 m length are certified according to standards set by Hellenic Register of Shipping.


Custom designed floating constructions made to order.

Using the same design of floating docks AquaPlast and pipes of different diameters we can manufacture floating constructions engineered specifically to the site and the customer’s needs. Constructions with lightweight structure or even higher durability and strength, of any size and shape.

A one of a king floating construction just for your needs.

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